Friday, December 19, 2008

And the Crown Goes to....

It's been an exciting week!

Pirate Michael hunted for treasure instead of putting on the storm windows and the doubloon was found!

Pirates Tony, Atticus, Regina and Michael had searched the area before, but something guided Michael there again, and this time, with low tide at his feet, he stumbled upon an unusual rock that piqued his interest. Picking it up, and turning it over, Michael saw something that looked a bit like a mason jar lid. Badly deteriorated from being under water for nearly two decades, it had little resemblance to the doubloon we've been searching for, and impulsively he almost threw it in the water, but instead put it in his pocket and continued to dig.

That night he thought, Maybe this thing I found is it! The next morning, he contacted the authorities and showed them where he had found the suspect mason jar lid, and instead of saying "Why that's just an old piece of trash," as Michael's wife had feared, the treasure authorities said, "Congratulations!"

We always knew the treasure was on land only accessible at low tide, but we were unsure where to search. For a long time our sights were set on a piece of land opposite hop-o-nose that resembled the island on the treasure map, and Madagascar (mentioned in the treasure story.)

Michael was given the crown this morning at a news conference!!! Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. How did you know that the coin was on land only accessible 1 hour a day? What clue in the story told you that?


  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Team Ria!!!! I am sure Maria is cheering for you all in Heaven. Love, Aunt K

  3. Thank you for sharing your great story! It is nice to know that it was hidden in what is a fairly busy location. I have actually walked along the shore where you found the doubloon! It is also nice that finding the treasure will be a reminder of your sister.

    Christina, Greenville, NY

  4. As Pirate Rob's Proud Mama and Ria's Auntie, I am thrilled about your great accomplishment. Team Ria is the greatest. Love to all. M