Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Basking in the Glow

We're so excited about the crown and are beginning to discuss what we'll do to continue the fun in honor of Maria - maybe form another treasure hunt! More to come on this as I'm sure we'll discuss it over the holidays. So many fellow treasure hunters and well-wishers have extended their congratulations. Your words and thoughts mean so much to us.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2008

And the Crown Goes to....

It's been an exciting week!

Pirate Michael hunted for treasure instead of putting on the storm windows and the doubloon was found!

Pirates Tony, Atticus, Regina and Michael had searched the area before, but something guided Michael there again, and this time, with low tide at his feet, he stumbled upon an unusual rock that piqued his interest. Picking it up, and turning it over, Michael saw something that looked a bit like a mason jar lid. Badly deteriorated from being under water for nearly two decades, it had little resemblance to the doubloon we've been searching for, and impulsively he almost threw it in the water, but instead put it in his pocket and continued to dig.

That night he thought, Maybe this thing I found is it! The next morning, he contacted the authorities and showed them where he had found the suspect mason jar lid, and instead of saying "Why that's just an old piece of trash," as Michael's wife had feared, the treasure authorities said, "Congratulations!"

We always knew the treasure was on land only accessible at low tide, but we were unsure where to search. For a long time our sights were set on a piece of land opposite hop-o-nose that resembled the island on the treasure map, and Madagascar (mentioned in the treasure story.)

Michael was given the crown this morning at a news conference!!! Hip Hip Hooray!

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WNYT.com - Buried Treasure Unearthed in Catskill

Michael Shows the Location

Through the park in Catskill, on the trail down to the water's edge, Michael replays his steps to the doubloon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Team Ria Crew

Captain Ria

Pirate Regina & her dog Bailey

Pirate Linny

Pirate Tim

Pirates Laura & Micheal

Pirate Atticus

Pirates Henry & Sabra

Pirate Tony

Pirate Solomon

Pirate Shane behind
Pirates Atticus & Regina

Pirates Helene, Paul
Zachary & Ian Skye

Pirates Rob, Maeve & Zoe

Saturday, December 13, 2008

View Movie Clips of the Hunt

Help from Afar

Pirate Rob and his crew lend a hand and an eye with new insight and ideas. Their enthusiasm gives a boost to our spirits!

Something's Lost

A number of clues in the story, especially the name of the ship, St. Antonio, led us to St. Anthony Friary on 24 Harrison Street in Catskill. There, Atticus spotted a crown on one of the statues, perched up high on a window ledge. "Look at that up on her head," she said. "Is that it?"

We all gathered below.

Wouldn't it be something, we thought, if the doubloon was right in front of our eyes. Not buried in the ground but out in plain sight?

We went back to Team Ria Headquarters (Laura's House), looked on the Internet for an actual doubloon (picture below) and thought, Maybe we have it!

Further inspection, another trip back revealed the crown was just a crown.

Something's lost and can't be found
Please, St. Anthony, look around.

Hannah and Her Sister

The last paragraph of the treasure story has Hannah finding the doubloon in the shallows. Googling Hannah and Catskill uncovered Hannah Hoes Van Buren, the wife of the eighth President Martin Van Buren, Hannah had a sister Maria (what a good coincidence!) and was married in Catskill at the Cantine House (and the map included with the treasure story has the words 'Lands of the Cantine Patent'!) and....if that didn't get us going. The building is now a restaurant/bar called of all things, Captain Kidd, AND there is a large statue of Captain Kidd and a wishing well on the front lawn. Surely, we must be on the right track!

It Ain't Me Babe

Captain Kidd and the Missing Crown, the story commissioned and written by the late Jack Hashian and our guiding force to finding the treasure, is filled with references to St. Antonio (who we learned from research is often accompanied by a fat pig). The story also has a reference or two of pigs, so Laura was sure that the large pig near Agway in Catskill must be the key to finding the doubloon. Excitedly she went to the location and searched high and low and snapped this picture. Unfortunately, she discovered the pig big was made to promote Babe: Pig in the City released in 1998, long after the start of the Hunt it couldn't possibly have anything to do with our missing treasure.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ahoy Matey

Maria hosted this pirate party to celebrate Mom's birthday last year. Complete with seafood from Wellfleet, eyepatches, print-outs of pirate speak and a treasure hunt, fun was had by everyone.

Eye on the Prize

This is the Crown

There was never a question of what we would do with crown - something fun to honor Maria's memory - perhaps another treasure hunt, maybe a festival, something to keep her generous spirit alive, something to keep all the good she brought to the world continuing on...

In Our Blood

Pirates have been part of our celebrations for years.

Pirate Maria with Sabra's son, Pirate Henry. Summer 07.

Pirate Solomon, Cape Cod 2007.